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Tantric Massage

A therapeutic massage aims to eradicate muscle tension and body ailments, whereas the Nirvana Sydney Tantric Massage utilises both relaxation and stimulation for enhancing pleasure. Get ready to indulge in our Tantric Massage Therapy.

„The difference between conventional therapeutic massage and Tantric Massage at Nirvana Sydney.“

We focus on these different states of energy to intensify sensual awareness and excitation, as well as blissful rapture throughout the entire body. The concoction of different strokes and seductive massage touch reignites one’s inner passion and promotes one’s well-being.

Feeling uplifted and free of tension, in return, helps you to focus on the more demanding side of life – such as work pressures, family responsibilities and life in general. The Nirvana Sydney Tantric Massage is, thus, a sensuous massage which will revitalise your entire torso, re-kindle your sexual energy and soothe your mind. It does, not, however involve any form of sexual interaction which is important to bear in mind.

Get ready to indulge in our innovative concept of Tantric Massage Therapy – a seductive form of adult relaxation treatment – designed to sensually awaken every inch of your torso with a variation of effortlessly long feather-like strokes, short bursts of pressure, soft Swedish Massage as well as super sensuous massage sliding and gliding motions. As the Leading Company of this nurturing, seductive massage, Nirvana provides simply the best Tantric Massage Sydney has to offer!


Tantra is an ancient form of healing massage that has been practiced for over six thousand years. It is classed as a healing technique to sooth your body from physical tension and eliminate emotional pain. Consequently, this encourages deep relaxation, comfort and increased happiness. Tantric massage is also used as a method for sexual healing such as sexual traumas or negative conditioning. Thus, it brings security and trust, increasing one’s confidence.


As a Tantric Masseuse, a tranquil, serene ambiance needs to be created, conducive towards making the recipient feel completely relaxed and comfortable. It is a good idea to focus on the 5 senses – hence aromatic candles are placed around the room, as well as incense sticks. Bear in mind, it is also imperative to not to create an overpowering scent. Nirvana Sydney Masseuses play soft, meditative music to enhance the auditory senses, so the massage recipient feels more at peace with his/her surroundings. Ensure the room is warm and at a comfortable setting. To turn the sexual temperature up even higher (I am not talking about ’50 Shades of Grey here!) silk scarves, long black gloves and feathers are used to vary touch and heighten pleasure. The crucial point is that the Masseuse applies a variation of strokes and touch when giving a Tantric Massage. After all, Tantra is built on the foundation of touch and our hands are the most powerful communicative super-powers.


Here at Nirvana Sydeney, we have perfected our product over these 10 years. We have the most delightful, highly skilled Tantric Masseuses in Sydney. We are known for our friendliness as well as our professionalism. We have created this fabulous form of seductive and erotic massage as a means to melt the tension away from our Sydney clients and visitors from around the world. The benefits include:

  1. Stress release. We all have immense pressures in life. Our Tantric Massages help you to clear you mind of mental chatter and put you into a state of deep relaxation. They help you to regain energy and uplift your spirits.
  2. The therapeutic Swedish massage incorporating within our massages have major health benefits such as improving one’s blood circulation and ultimately one’s immune system. Your health is, after all, your wealth.
  3. Tantra allows you to become more self-aware of your body’s sensitivity. The variation of strokes and touch awaken different energies within and create a strong element of re-ignited passion.
  4. Emotional Healing: The healing element of our Nirvana Tantric Massages will promote your emotional stability. Tantric Massage is all about ‘surrender.’ As the receiver you are in a submissive role and allow your Masseuse to take full control. Learning to receive such pleasure can improve your self-esteem and overall confidence as a person.
  5. The Nirvana Sydney Tantric Massage provides immense pleasure; our tantric massages are designed to increase the sexual energy flow throughout your body, releasing blocked energy which ultimately boosts your sexual appetite and confidence.
  6. Nirvana Sydney massages bring a new dimension to couples who become closer after experiencing the Couples Massage. They are able to obtain a mind-body- spirit connection which increases their cognitive intimacy as well as their libidos.
  7. Tantra allows people to abandon their inhibitions, be less body conscious and overcome their loss of sexual interest which often is due to being overworked, feeling shameful or guilty.
  8. Overall, the increase in self-confidence, sensual pleasure and deep relaxation make Tantric Massage one of the best forms of physical and emotional adult therapies.

We welcome all Ladies, Men and Couples to our exhilarating World of scintillating sensual Tantric Massage Therapy. Our magnificent massages are designed to revitalise your body and energise your mind.

Explore our explosive cocktail of massages and Live your life to the Full.

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